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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baris Dance or Warrior Dance

As a dance ceremony, according to the name "Baris" which comes from the march of the army can be interpreted this dance describes the agility forces soldiers. This dance is a dance group that performed by men, usually danced by more than 8 to 40 dancers with a lively movement strong enough, simple and dynamic, with the accompaniment of Gong Kebyar and Gong Gede. Each types, groups of dancers carrying weapons, ceremonial equipment and costumes with a different color, which later became the name of the types of existing Tari Baris. Tari Baris in Bali are:

Baris Ketekok Jago
Baris with a polet spear (spear with black and white stems) and black and white striped dress, danced in the ceremony Yadnya Pitra (Ngaben). Generally in the districts of Badung and Denpasar municipality. Baris dances are similar in Buleleng called Baris Bedug and in Gianyar called Baris Poleng.

Baris Tumbak (Spear March Dance)
Baris with a spear and awiran layered dress - danced in a Yadnya god ceremony , often found in areas of Badung, Bangli and Gianyar

Baris Dadap
Baris with carrying dadap armor (like a shield), the movement is more gentle than the types of other Baris dances and the dancers dance while singing a song with a irregular voice to the accompaniment of gamelan Angklung is also barreled irregular and danced in God Yanya ceremonies except in Tabanan areas danced in a Pitra Yadnya ceremony, we can found at Bangli, Buleleng, Gianyar and Tabanan areas.

Baris Presi
Baris dancer are carrying kris weapon, and a similar shield called presi. this dance for God Yadnya too. We can found in Bangli and Buleleng region.

Baris Pendet
Baris dance which the dancers perform withour carrying a weapon of war but carry the offerings (Canang Sari), danced in the God Yadnya Ceremony. At Tanjung Bungkak village (Denpasar) this Baris dancer carrying canang called canang oyod and in the end of the dance, the dancers dancing use hand fan with "ma-aras-arasan" or laugh in fun

Baris Bajra
Baris dance carrying a mace with banyu shaped ends (such as a mace of Bhima) and danced in the God Yadnya ceremony and can be found in the region of Bangli and Buleleng.

Baris Tamiang
Baris dance with carrying kris and shield that called Tamiang, can be found in Badung region.

Baris Kupu-Kupu (Butterflies March)
according with the theme, this Baris dance depict the life of butterflies. The dancers wearing butterfly wings, agile and dynamic movement adopt mimic of butterfly. Until now, this dance is in Renon and Lebah Village. (Denpasar)

Baris Bedil (Rifle March)
This Baris dance, danced by several pairs of dancers carrying imitation long rifle made from wood. shown for God Yadnya cereminy and we can found in Klungkung, Bangli and Badung region.

Baris Cina
This dance allegedly under the influence of Chinese culture. The unique are found in fashion look (long pants with long sleeves, sarung sashes, hat, wearing sunglasses and a sword), the movement (taking martial art movement), and accompanied by music rom Gong Bheri gamelan thare is Gong without moncol). This dance illustrated the troops of Java home land owner who came to Bali. This dance shown in the God Yadnya ceremony and found at Renon and Belanjong village. (Denpasar-Sanur)

Baris Cendekan
This Baris dance, danced by several pairs of dancer which carrying short spear, shown in the God Yadnya ceremony

Baris Panah
Baris Panah (Bow) danced by several pair of dancers with carrying bow and shown in the ceremonial of God Yadnya, we can found at Buleleng and Bangli.

Baris Jangkang
This Baris dance, danced by dancers carrying long spear, shown in God Yadnya Ceremonial at Bangli, Gianyar and Klungkung.

Baris Gayung
Baris dance which danced by group of dancers there are stakeholders with a bailer or cantil (a tool to bring holy water), shown at God Yadnya ceremony. Can be found at Bangli, Gianyar and Badung

Baris Demang
Danced by a group of dancers representing figures Demang (one of the characters Pagambuhan) in the Gambuh drama classical dance with sword, spear, arrows, and others. Baris Dance is located in Buleleng.

Baris Cerekuak
Dance depicting the movements of a group of water birds (cerekuak) while searching for the lover, bird Manuk gods. The dancers wore clothing babuletan (wearing cloth from waist until above the knee) with the decoration of leaves on the entire body and head, only shown in the Pitra Yadnya ceremony (Ngaben) with Batel Gaguntangan Gamelan retinue. This Dance is in the region of Tabanan

Baris Mamedi
It describes a group of spirits (mamedi) who lives in haunted place like tomb, the dancers wore clothes made of leaves and twigs are taken from the grave. Gamelan which accompaniment is Balaganjur gamelan. Dance ceremony was held in the framework of Yadnya Pitra (Ngaben) and are in the area of Tabanan.

Baris Ketujeng
This dance describes a group of spirits who live in haunted places that are intended as introductory dance of atman the deceased to heaven, brought by a group of dancers who wore clothes from the leaves. This line dance performed in the Yadnya Pitra ceremony (Ngaben).

Baris Gowak
This dance illustrated depicts the battle between the forces Tegal Badeng (Badung) with a group of crows who carrying the death, in which several pairs of dancers portray Tegal Badeng soldiers and others as a group of crows with a wing costume. This dance was purified by Selulung village, Kintamani (Bangli) and contained in the God Yadnya ceremony.

Baris Omang
Baris dance that uses a spear, but move slowly like a snail (Omang), describes the battle between the forces Tegal Badeng (Badung) with troops of Guwak (crow). This dance was purified by the Selulung community (Kintamani - Bangli), and there in God Yadnya ceremony.

Baris Jojor
Baris dance which danced by a group of dancers carrying Jojor weapons (long-stemmed spear) performed in God Yadnya ceremony. Can be found in Buleleng, Bangli and Karangasem.

Baris Kuning
It is a ritual dance of the god Yadnya, danced by a group of male dancers who dressed all in yellow, and armed with kris and Tamiang (shield), located in Buleleng.

Baris Tengklong
This dance performed by a group of dancers with swords weapons, dynamic movement, powerful and close to martial art movements. Displayed in a special ceremony at Penambangan Badung temple, exactly at the Denpasar Municipality, Pamedilan village.

Baris Kelemet
This dance performed by a group of dancers who played as fishermen, with such weapons, and described the paddle boat in the sea to catch fish, this dance is in God Yadnya ceremony and is in the Badung.

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