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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Marshanda Indonesian Youth Celebrity Got Stress

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Roads to Kintamani

Everyone that has visited Bali has, at one time or another, travelled up the mountains to Kintamani. The area there affords some spectacular views of Gunung Batur and Danau Batur and, on a good clear day the Bali Aga village of Trunyan can be seen. It is an area of late that has received some bad press and rightly so and the hawkers can be rather annoying and pushy. It appears, however, that things might be on the better for the Kintamani region. There are four major routes you can take to get to Kintamani and each road has its own surprises and great places to visit along the way. These might be temples or other place of worship, museums, and towns that are renowned for their specialty in arts or crafts. Once in Kintamani you have a choice of restaurants with a high price tag if you fancy a feed whilst enjoying the view. My best advice is to have a drink in one of these places and indulge in the panorama. There are many decent warungs around the area that serve great Indonesian fare as well as Western tucker.

The routes are listed below in no particular order and are ex-Kuta. Take note that upon reaching the crossroads at Kintamani you will have to pay a fee to enter the area at Penelokan.

Route 1: This one I call the ‘tourist run’ to Kintamani mainly because it passes through several towns worthy of note – Batubulan for its marvellous stone carvings, mostly of Balinese Gods, Celuk where you will find the streets lined with galleries and shops selling gold and silver to the markets at Sukawati, the two-storey art market where you can buy goods at almost half the price you pay in Kuta. From there you pass through Batuan renowned for its many talented artists and it here you will find several art galleries and studios, then onto the large textile town of Gianyar famous for its Endek weaving and then through the sleepy town of Bangli where you will find one of the finest garden temples on the island – Pura Kehen – and finally onto Penelokan.

Route 2: Probably one of my favourite routes taking you through the archaeological centre of Bali often referred to as the holy land. Here you will find temples and artifacts dating back to the Majapahit period in Bali and several antiquities dating as far back as the 11th Century. The interesting part of this route starts at Blahbatuh where you will find Pura Gaduh and inside the temple the large stone head of Kebo Iwa. Further along the road is located Pura Dharma Bukit Durga Kutri. This is an interesting temple as it has superb carvings of elephants guarding the outer gates and oddly enough, pigs at the inner gate. Its main feature is the statue of the Goddess Durga perched on a sacred altar at the top of a steep flight of stone steps. Not far from here near the town of Bedulu is located Yeh Pulu, a sheer 25 metre cliff face that has been carved and depicts a five-part story of which the meaning is unknown. This 14th Century artefact is well worth visiting as is the nearby Goa Gadjah, also known as the elephant cave. Heading north from there on the left-hand side is located Pura Kebo Edan with its massive four meter statue. Although in a state of disrepair, this place is interesting for budding archaeological enthusiasts. A stone’s throw from there is Pura Penataran Sasih, home to the Moon of Pejeng. The bronze gong is said to date back to the Dong dynasty of Vietnam and the Balinese Bronze age. Twenty kilometres further north near Tampaksaring you will find the sacred springs of Tirta Empul. It is well worth spending an hour or two here simply for the stunning experience of it all. Probably the most sensational experience in the holy land can be found at Gunung Kawi sitting on the banks of the nearby Pakerisan River. The tombs (Candi’s) are of Anak Wungsu and his queens and are superbly stunning. From here it is a straightforward run up to Penelokan at Kintamani.

Route 3: An interesting and straight run north to the volcano with a few interesting places along the way. Firstly would be the artistic centre of Mas with its array of small galleries. The town is also home to some of the finest artists on the island. An interesting centre for wood carvings is the village of Tegalalang. Several workshops and galleries here are worth a look-see. Further along the road heading north you will come to another village known for its fine wood at Pujungkelod. From there it is only a few kilometres to Sebatu. The Pura Gunung Kwai Sebatu is an interesting temple. Sebatu is also a connecting point to Tampaksaring and the sacred springs or you can carry on further north to Kintamani. Nearby Sebatu is located the Elephant Safari Park at Taro. Actually, the village of Taro is home to the lowland Bali Aga and in this village you will find some unique longhouses. After visiting here it is only a short ride north to Kintamani.

Route 4: Without a doubt the most straightforward and fastest way to Kintamani and the route that I often take when heading to the north-east of the island thus passing thought the area around Kintamani. The road takes you through the outskirts of Ubud and continues through areas of rich ricefields and some stunning panoramas. The further north you travel the richer the flora and the mountain views are a delight. Along the way there are several warungs worth stopping at for refreshments as are the numerous fruit stalls along the side of the road. Interestingly enough, the closer you get to Kintamani it seems as though the fruit for sale has a richer taste and definitely infinitely more delicious. Must be something to do with high altitude! At the end of your drive you come out on the Kintamani road at Kertabuana. There never used to be a collection point for access at this T-junction but there is now!

This is the Map

Balinese Kintamani Dog

The Kintamani is a dog breed native to the Indonesian island of Bali.
The Kintamani dog is an evolving breed indigenous to the Kintamani
region of Bali. Kintamani dogs cohabitate with feral Bali street dogs,
although folklore has the breed originating 600 years ago
from a Chinese Chow Chow. (Wikipedia)

Kintamani dog is usually found in mountain area Kintamani, Bali island, Indonesia. Dogs who have this long-intrepid begin in a livestock so that it can be recognized by the international world.

Fenotip Kintamani Dogs are easily recognized, can be compared with the clear distinction between Kintamani Dogs with dogs that have local, or contradiction between the results of a dog race and cross the same other.
Dogs can be classified in groups of dogs types of workers (working dog) with the size, has a balance of body and a good proportion of the body with strong bones wrapped by the muscle is strong, as the mountain dogs have long fur that (moderate) with a specific color of white, black or brown. The system in the FCI, Kintamani dogs entered in group V as a discrete Spitz dog and primitive types, such as Chow Chow, Basenji, and Samoyed.

Kintamani dog has a daredevil nature, agile, alert and suspicious that is high enough. Is a guard dog (guard dog), which is quite reliable, loyal to the family owners and the owners do not forget. Dogs Kintamani (Bali) attack like the dog or other animal that enters his territory. Pergerakannya free, lightweight and flexible.Kintamani Dog , Bali , Indonesia

Kintamani dog has a high male-45 cm and 55 cm bitch 40 cm-45 cm. By marking most of the white-specific (slightly reddish) with red-brown color (beige) on the tip of the ears, tail and thigh feathers behind. Other colors are black and brown with black muzzle (bangbungkem), pigmentasi skin, nose, mouth lid, skrotum, anus and the legs black or dark brown.

His neck looks elegant with a medium length, with strong muscles strong. In the chest and wide, flat back, medium length with good muscle. Agency bitch relatively longer than males. Dogs Kintamani (Bali) have a feather krah (badong) long fan-shaped area in the shoulder (gumba), the long feathers badong the better.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tanah Lot Temple

In the story of Dang Hyang Nirartha(a Hindu high priest), when he traveled around Bali, he came upon tanah lot which is located in tabanan and here, he decided to stay the night. It is said that this very important priest came to bali in about 1411 according to the balinese icaka calendar, or 1489 AD by the western calendar.

After pending some time in the temple of Siva's Hair, he moved on going further east. The esteemed priest and his devoted followers followed the southern coastline of Ball on their journey. For the entire trip along the shores of Bali, kecak dance in tanah lot he was accompanied by the sound of the crashing waves in his ears and the sharp breeze penetrating his body. It was through this closeness with nature that, he thought of the power of God and God's power to create all of nature and all the contents of the world. It also occurred to him that, as God had created humankind, humans should give thanks and pay respect to God. The priest Dang Hyang Nirartha always carried a special carving knife, with which he could carve Inscriptions and notes on the long "lontar" palm slabs, and wrote what he saw, felt or thought of as important.

The recordings were made in verse form. This priest was such a great man, that when he was totally involved in something. he forgot about all else and never tired in his journey. His feet virtually floated above the ground he traversed. It wasn't long before he arrived at a small Island almost, Joined to the shore that was made of coral. Here he stopped a moment to rest. The people here were all fishermen and they gathered together to pay their respects. The fishermen wanted Dang Hyang Nirartha to stay at their modest homes, but he refused their invitation. He wanted to spend the night on the small island because the air was cool and fresh. He also had a wonderful view from this vantage point.

That evening before he retired for the night, he was able to teach the people who came to see him moral ethics, religion and welfare. Dang Hyang Nirartha advised thetanah lot temple people at this time to build a Parhyangan (temple) at this place where he had chosen to stay for the night. Because of the feeling this holy man felt in his inner soul, and other strange, mysterious and miraculous happenings that occurred there, the priest knew that this was the right place to praise God (Sanghyang Widhi Wasa). From there on the Balinese would have a place at which they could praise God and request salvation and safety for the world.

When Dang Hyang Nirartha finally left this place, the people with whom he had spoken, indeed built the holy temple and gave it the name "Pura Pakendungan" which nowadays is better known as "Tanahlot". This temple is well know throughout not only Indonesia, but the entire world. Why is this temple one of the favorite tourist attractions for people from around the world ? You should go and see for yourself - it is beautiful and unique. You will have to arrange to travel 31 Km from Denpasar and that will take about an hour. Ran port is no problem as tourist buses go there all the time if you won't have some other private transport arrangement.

The best time to see it is in the afternoon when the sun setting in he west splits the shore line in half along a north-south axis. His spectacle will live on long in your memory. There is a religious ceremony coming up on the 7th of August 1996. The atmosphere will be even further enhanced as the Balinese Hindus in their ceremonial rests go to the temple to pray.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Besakih Temple (Pura Besakih)

Besakih Temple
Freely translated as ‘Noble Mountain’, this stratovolcano is the highest point on Bali Island and one of the biggest volcanos in Indonesia. Its deep and grand crater despite rarely belching out smoke and ash, when it actually does erupt (last in 1963) it killed more than 1000 people and totally wiped out some of villages nearby. However that particular incident brought to pass a great phenomenon - its lava flows did not destroy the mother temple of Besakih, which was sitting at the slope of Mount Agung, causing firmer faith in the devotees and an increased number of visitors to the sacred place. Gunung Agung is considered a holy place as the Balinese believe that this is where the Gods reside and they think of this site as the Palace of the Gods. From the top of this mountain, you can even see the peak of Mount Rinjani over at the Lombok Island.

located in slope of Mount Agung about 1000 meters above sea level. This is the first temple built in Bali or well known with Mother Temple built by the javanese priest Sri Danghyang Dwijendra who traveled to Bali in 8th century. Besakih Temple has big complex of temple included the family temple who add by another Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha in 16th century. The main temple courtyard is Penataran Agung has a triple throne called Padmasana Tiga with separate seats of the trinity gods Brahma, Wisnu and Siwa.

If you love hiking, conquering this mountain is a must. There are three ways to climb the mountain, from the south, south-east and west. The most common route is the one from the west side, starting from the Besakih temple where many local guides can help you with the path. It’s a long hike (about 2000 vertical meters, total one way distance is almost 5 km), so you better start very early in the morning, and equip yourself with the proper footwear as you will find many loose soil and rock along the way. Prepare also your rain gear, flashlight (as you will mostly be in dark forests), and your own mineral water. The only source of water is a well and it is considered too sacred for casual usage like these.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu (Uluwatu Temple)

Officially known as Pura Luhur Uluwatu (yes, that's the real name: "Luhur" means "something of divine origin" while "Uluwatu" can be broken into "ulu" which means "land's end" and "watu" means "rock" in the old language). Nonetheless, merely mentioning Uluwatu will get you here in no time.

Pura Uluwatu (temple of the stone head) or Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple is located in the edge of stone cliff in southern part of Bali. This ancient temple is dedicated to the spirits of the sea. Built in the eleventh century during the era of Empu Kuturan, the temple became a classic expression of ancient Bali in a spectacular setting, high above the crashing waves.

Here you can witness an impressive picturesque view especially on the sunset time. The three courtyards are surrounded by hard weathered white coral. The guardian gate in the middle courtyard has similar appearance of East Javanese temple architecture. The sacred resident monkeys are smart enough to steel your belonging even from your pocket, so beware.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of Bali’s kahyangan jagat (directional temples), believed as a South West Balinese guardian from evil spirits, a dwelling place for a deity called Bhatara Rudra, God of the elements and cosmic force majeures.

A taxi from Kuta to Uluwatu takes about 30 minutes up and down winding roads and will cost you a lot of money. As it can be difficult to find transport, get the driver to wait for you for the trip back. Joining a tour can be a cheaper solution of getting to Uluwatu.

If you are riding a rented motorcycle from Kuta, be aware that you need an IDP (International Driving Permit). Police perform frequent checks for driving licenses on the road between Kuta and Uluwatu, especially targetting foreigners. If you can not present the necessary paperwork you will be faced with a fine.

Empu is a title given to someone who attains high distinction in literature, philosophy and craftsmanship. Empu Kuturan was a Hindu figure who came from Java to Bali during the reign of Marakata, he’s the youngest child of King Udayana. The arrival of Empu Kuturan in Bali had changed religious life. It was Empu Kuturan who taught people how to build Sad Kahyangan Jagat, Kahyangan Catur Lokapala, Kahyangan Rwabhineda in Bali. It was he who expanded Besakih Temple by building Meru Gedong, etc. he also taught the building of Kahyangan Tiga in every customary village in Bali. Beside teaching how to build temple physically, he also taught about spiritual for example: kind of ceremony, kind of Pedagingan, Shrine, etc as mentioned in DewaTattwa palm manuscript.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tips for choosing Bali Villa Rental Agent

Legally Registered - It is important to choose a legally registered rental agent to ensure that booking a villa in Bali is a hassle free experience. This can be verified by taking a close look at their website credentials as well as contact details in Bali including a permanent address and telephone number. A reputable rental agent should have endorsement from a related business association.

Credit Card Payments - Additionally, a bonafide agent will accept credit card payments, which reflects that they are a licensed company with recognition from a bank or other financial institution. If you choose to make payment on your prospective villa rental via bank transfer, make sure that the name of the account corresponds to the company that you are dealing with. If the company and bank account names differ, investigate the reason why before committing to the transfer if details and circumstances appear suspicious. Do not accept an unjustifiable excuse as this indicates an unprofessional approach to business.

Pricing - It is cause for concern if a rental agent suddenly offers you a much lower rate for a villa as opposed to other agencies. Reputable rental agents always honour their contract agreements with villa owners and management companies. Slight price variations in price are common; however, a binding legal agreement regulates fair competitive pricing within the market.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tips to Choose the Right Student’s Loans

Students often need to take loan for financing their studies. Although, taking any types of loans is not advisable, when it is unavoidable the key is to choose the right debt. The following are some of the best and the must suitable loans for students. They are given in the order of their suitability.
Official Student Loans

The first preference: The official Government-backed Student Loans Company loans are the cheapest long term debt you will get anywhere. The interest rate is currently 3.8% only. Hence, it should always be the first place to borrow from. You will be given two loans, one to cover tuition fees and one for maintenance which is also known as a living allowance.

You needn’t repay anything until you finish your studies and earn an income. The repayment depends up on the amount you earn. If you earn more, then you can repay accordingly. Another benefit is that if you earn less than £15,000 you won’t have to repay it at all until you start earning more than that.

Student Bank Account Interest-free Overdrafts

Second Preference: Big commercial banks are very interested in doling out loans to students because they hope potential high earners will stick with them for life. Thus they present interest-free overdrafts to attract good students. An overdraft means you can spend more money than there is in your account. It is same as borrowing. Normally it’s expensive, but for students it’s usually 0% up to a set limit, in other words you don’t pay to borrow this money. But the draw back is that once you stop studying the banks will start charging an expensive commercial rate of interest, whereas student loan debt always remains cheap.

Avoid all other debts

Almost all other debts available for students needed to be avoided. This is basically anything charging a commercial rate of interest, usually above 5%, such as credit cards and bank loans. If you don’t have sufficient income to repay the debts means the interest will compound and end up as a huge financial burden.
Grants and Scholarships

If you are member of University/College and eligible for the entire Maintenance Grant, then the university or college is required to give you a £310 or more bursaries which doesn’t have to be repaid. Students suffering financial hardship may get access or hardship funds; there is no one definition for ‘hardship’ so if you feel you need it you free to apply.
Also try the university’s welfare department; student parents, those with disabilities, or other special circumstances may receive extra cash and those studying medicine and related subjects or new teacher training students also have payments available. Plus try the Students’ Union, it may have its own independent hardship fund and be able to help out there.

General Scholarships

Whether you’re short of cash or not, there are plenty of scholarships for academia, sports, and hobbies or even just for being the child of a parent with a particular occupation. Use the Scholarship Search website, or go to a local library for a wider range of grant directories. The Educational Grants Advisory Services also offers data on alternative funding, including educational trust funds.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Breaking News: Indonesia Police Storm Terrorist

Indonesia police storm Java house

Indonesian police have stormed a house in central Java believed to contain one of South-East Asia's most wanted men.

The move came after a stand-off lasting 17 hours which included exchanges of gunfire and several explosions.

Police said the anti-terror operation in the Temanggung district followed the arrest on Friday of several suspected militants loyal to Noordin Mohamed Top.

Noordin, a Malaysian citizen, is suspected of involvement in last month's bombings of two Jakarta hotels.

Police outside the house raided in Bekasi (8 August 2009)
About 500kg of explosives were seized at a house in Bekasi, near Jakarta

In a separate incident, police said they had killed two suspected militants in a raid on a house in the Bekasi area, near the capital.

Five others were arrested and up to 500kg of explosives were seized.

Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri said the two men had been shot because they were about to detonate hand-held bombs.

They were would-be suicide bombers from a cell loyal to Noordin who were preparing to attack "special targets" in two week, he added.

Workshop raid

Almost a day after surrounding it, members of Indonesia's elite anti-terrorism unit entered the remote house in a rice paddy field outside Temanggung at 0945 (0245 GMT) by blowing in one of the doors.

Several minutes later, during which time there were further explosions and exchanges of gunfire, officers were seen leaving with their helmets off and shaking hands with each other.

Noordin Top
Police efforts to find Noordin are focused on central Java

Police spokesman Nanan Soekarna said police believed Noordin and two or three of his followers were inside, but could not say whether they had been killed or injured.

The authorities have closed off the area, but ambulances were later seen arriving and two body bags were taken from inside the building, according to the AFP news agency.

On Friday evening, Mr Soekarna said two men had been arrested in a workshop in a market in Temanggung, and that they had led police to the house nearby, as well as the building in Bekasi.

Noordin was accused of being the key recruiter and financier for the regional Islamist militant group, Jemaah Islamiah.

He is thought to have been behind bomb attacks on the Jakarta Marriott in 2003 and the Australian embassy in 2004, and also on a series of restaurants in Bali in 2005 in which more than 20 died.

A lull in attacks since 2005 came to an end in July with the suicide attacks on two hotels in Jakarta that killed nine people and wounded 53, raising concerns that Noordin was becoming active again.

Correspondents say the search for Noordin has focused on central Java because he is believed to have a network of sympathisers there.

He is the Indonesian police's main target and there is a $100,000 (£59,000) reward for information leading to his capture.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lempuyang Temple, Bali

Temple in lempuyang mounting.

There are hundred temples in Bali which spread out to all corner places in Bali. So that why Bali has a nick name from the tourist with The Land of god or the land of paradise. Many people came here to view many beautifully temple as religious places. The temple in each house of Balinese people which call Sanggah Kemulan, Ibu, Dadia, Merajan or Tugu where the entries are the characteristic for this beautifully land.

One from hundred temples which is spread out in Bali is pura Lempuyang. This is one of sacral temple in Bali which connected as a legend of Bagawan Dwijendra so that why this temple is including to the Sad Kahyangan temple. Pura lempuyang is located in the top of the Bisbis hill or Lempuyang mounting percisly at Purrahayu village karangasem regency.

This tample is including to old tample which found in bali even thought this tample is ready appear in Hindu-Buddhism periodic in bali. In edition in the pass this tample building are made from the stone. Balinese people believe that the good which stay in this tample is Hyang Gni Jaya or the iswara god.
The histories of pura Lempuyang.

According to the stories long time a go in the places where pura lempuyang stand now, there are only a heap of stone and a sangar agung which made from living environment. And in the north there a big sidhakarya tree but know it all ready gone in the develop on 1960 build two Padme kembar, and single padma tunggal bale piyasan.

According to the sources that there are picture which take from the space and this temple is sight a light, in the book the word lempuyang luhur which mention lampu which means light and hyang means god from that word we can explain the meaning of Lempuyang is the is the pure light from the god this temple is the home stay by god of Hyang Gni Jaya or Iswara.

Other version mention that the word “lempuyang” came from Java language which expained from name of a plant ehich use for flavor. This also releted to the name of banjar near by this tample Bangle and Gamongan which name from a plant which fuction as a flavor in cocking. But any kind of the meaning of the word Lempuyang it is very importenting temple that people should not be forgotten it is has same meaning with Besakih temple.
Religious tourism object.

Pura Lempuyang Luhuris religious and beautiful places which it located in karangasem regency perkily at Purrahayu village. There are four route that can be reach to this temple first route from desa Purawayu trhought the Pura Panyimpenan, Penataran Agung,Telaga Mas, Pasar Agung then to the Lempuyang Luhur. The second route from Bajar gamongan, the third route from Bajar Batu Gunung and then the last route is from Bajar Jumeneng trought the Pura Penataran kenusut, Pura Pasar Agung(penyawangan) and the goes up to Lempuyang Luhur.

in the developmen this tample became popular and many touris came to visit it as religius tourism object For you who might wants to come some of big temple in Bali while you having a great holiday in Bali and confuse to find a places to stay for while you cant visit our website at we will proud to offering luxury villas and bountiqe hotel in bali. you also can visite our website in Italian language (, French language(, Singapore language and Russian ( )enjoyed your vacation with us you vacation are handle in with professional company.

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