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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Visit Bali With a Lot Attraction

Bali are famous with the culture, especially the dances. Bali have many beautiful dances move. The attractive one is "Joged Bumbung", that allowing the audience  to dance with the beautiful sexy dancer. The dance is very attrative.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Joged Bumbung turn too soft porn in the north Bali

Joged BumbungJoged Bumbung are performing for Balinese villagers when they have party or a thankful for God of they are blessing. But lately in the North Bali there is phenomena of out of controls that embarrassing the culture.
Below is the real Joged Bumbung:

But watch below:

The Joged Bumbung become nudity dance that they called Joged Buang.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Too Much Tourism Development Makes Some Damages of Bali

Rice Fields Bali Canvas Print - Canvas Art
Majority of Indonesian peoples are farmers, also Bali, many rice-fields are being a great object of beautiful Bali. The beautiful of Bali rice terraces are very famous, and being many painting and photography objects. Also the system of the watering management: "Subak" are famous all over the world. Thats why many villas and restaurant are build for tourism beside these beautiful views. Many stores also ares builds. The increasingly tourism development makes many buildings were built uncontrolled. Many free-lands which were the wild animals such as rats are living are buildings now. Makes the rats attacking the ricefields. Many ricefields being damaged, also mine. Bad luck for many Balinese farmers. Someday the beautiful Bali will be a history if we don't take action, together controlling these. Common Balinese, united for better tomorrow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Galungan and Kuningan

Galungan is a Balinese holiday that occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. Kuningan is the last day of the holiday. Galungan means "When the Dharma is winning." During this holiday the Balinese gods visit the Earth and leave on Kuningan.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Day We Celebrate Pesugihan Day

Well I don't really understand exactly what this ceremonial but from the word "pesugihan" mean "whealthy", so I think the day for get Wealthy Blessing from God. We makes "Babi Guling" (the Pork Barbecue) and "Bebek Betutu" (Duck with Baliness Sambal) for Worship. All family were praying together in our "Merajan" (Family worship place). May Got giving the Blessing for our business. Have your success for all of you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ngaben Cremation Ceremony at My Village

Last Friday Ngaben Ceremony wast elect at my village, my grandfther little brother was died because of heart attack. Ngaben or the Cremation Ceremony is the ritual performed to send the dead through the transition to his next life. The village Kul Kul, hanging in the tower of the village temple, will sound a certain beat to announce the departure of the deceased. The body of the deceased will be placed at Bale Delod, as if he were sleeping, and the family will continue to treat him as if he were still alive yet sleeping. No tears are shed, for he is only gone temporarily and he will reincarnate into the family.
The Priest consults the Dewasa to determine the proper day for the ceremony. On the day of the ceremony, the body of the deceased is placed inside a coffin which is then placed inside a sarcophagus in the form of a buffalo (called Lembu) or a temple structure called Wadah made of paper and light wood. The Wadah will be carried to the village cremation site in a procession.

The climax of Ngaben is the burning of the Wadah, using fire originating from a holy source. The deceased is sent to his afterlife, to be reincarnated in the future.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My New Knowledge From Balinese Culture

Last thursday my grandfather brother was dead because of his heart problem. But he's kept lying in his room as just sleeping person. It is because of in the north our village there was a dead person also, after they elected "Ngaben" ceremonial and passing our home, my grand father brother can bring to "Bale Sari" as a dead person. And people had told about this news.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Balinese Mix Martial Art: Mepantigan

Mepantigan is originally Balinese Martial Art, the techniques include throwing, locking, wrestling and grappling. The uniform is Balinese sarong (kamen bebuletan), hat (udeng), and belt. The fighting is accompanied by gamelan music and Balinese bleganjur orchestras. 

Menjangan Island / Deer Island

Bali have many beautiful spot, it is just usual tourism spots such as Kuta Beach, Legian, Nusa DuaSanur, and Ubud that is already crowd by tourist. Bali has many beautiful tourism spots that are still quiet. An island at far northwestern Bali island that is called Menjangan Island. Menjangan means deer. The island is in protected position, currents and wind-generate waves are rarely a bother, and reefs here offer fine diving, particularly for beginning and intermediate divers. Surrounded by hectares of exellent coral reef. The island is a favorite destination for both snorkelers and divers. The water is very clear likes crystal; you can looks down the base of the sea. The island is part of Bali Barat National Park, a protected reserve area that encompasses much of Bali’s little populated western end. Driving from resort area to the south at least takes three hours.
It was in 1978 that Menjangan became Bali's first internationally known dive location. Consequently, in older dive guidebooks, Menjangan is described as having beautiful reef flats. Unfortunately that is no longer true. Over the years a combination of dynamite fishing and (dive!) boats anchoring into the coral have taken their toll. Then, in 1997 there was a population explosion of the coral-eating Crown of Thorns starfish and, in 1998, coral bleaching as a result of El Nino.
The coral walls around Menjangan are vertical down to 30 – 60 meters, and then slope outward. The reef surface is particularly rugged: caves, grottoes, crevasse and funnel-like splits break up the coral wall, and the surface is textured with little nooks and crannies. Gorgonians of many kinds reach large size here, and huge barrel sponges are abundant. Soft corals blanket the colorful walls all the way down.
There are found many variety of fish and very colorful. Apart from a high diversity of coral species and colorful, tropical fish there are many kinds of sea- and shorebirds frequenting the island. Also theHawkesbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is sighted frequently in the area. Menjangan is often referred to as Deer Island as it is the habitat of the Barking Deer or Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak). Visitors can regularly spot these deer at the secluded, sandy beaches of the island. The white sandy beaches of Menjangan s make a location pleasant to break itself for the lunch. Subaqueous, the slope throughout the border of the south and extremity of the east, doing in front of the sea of Bali, homemade being to the portions of fish and the colorful small vertebrates, the ventilators of embroider of the sea and a variety of sponges.
This place has 4 great dive sites:
1.       The Anker Wreck
2.       Garden Eel Point
3.       Pos II
4.       Pemuteran

Monday, March 29, 2010

Serangan Island

Pulau Serangan or Turtle Island is a bautiful island between Sanur and Kuta Beach. usually we can go to this island from Tanjung Benoa. This island have many turtles conservation places. There is also a temple here that called Sakenan Temple. Usually Balinese come to this Temple at Kuningan Day Ceremonial.

Balinese Engagement

It is My sister engagement at my House. My grand mother as Mangku (Hindus Preach) praying for them with Balinese custom praying ceremonial. Only family that come to this ceremonial.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kissing Ceremonial at Sesetan

Kissing ceremonial that called Omed-omedan from Koja Hamlet-Sesetan Denpasar is the one great attractive culture of Balinese. The youth are taking part of this kissing ceremonial. The tradition held on Ngembak Geni (Wellcome the Fire) Day that falls a day after the Hindu Day of Silence (Nyepi), has been continuing for generations at the hamlet in a bid to strengthen cohesion among young people. This kissing ceremonial also called as Med-medan. Sometime, because of being exited this kissing action makes some blue or red mark. But it is not big problem, all are happy. This ceremonial making a lot attention for tourists.  

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ogoh-ogoh Performance at Evening Before Nyepi Day

Nyepi is the first day of Saka Year, the Hindu Balinese Calendar. The night before Nyepi , usually Balinese performing Ogoh-ogoh is figure of devil. Were performing for frightening the bad spirit for clean the village from bad power. The Ogoh-ogoh were lifted by some Balinese men and takes around the village. And at last must be burn for erase the Bad spirit. Happy New Saka Year 1932

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Menjangan Island / Deer Island

Bali have many beautiful spot, it is just usual tourism spots such as Kuta Beach, Legian, Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Ubud that is already crowd by tourist. Bali has many beautiful tourism spots that are still quiet. An island at far northwestern Bali island that is called Menjangan Island. Menjangan means deer. The island is in protected position, currents and wind-generate waves are rarely a bother, and reefs here offer fine diving, particularly for beginning and intermediate divers. Surrounded by hectares of exellent coral reef. The island is a favorite destination for both snorkelers and divers. The water is very clear likes crystal; you can looks down the base of the sea. The island is part of Bali Barat National Park, a protected reserve area that encompasses much of Bali’s little populated western end. Driving from resort area to the south at least takes three hours. Read more

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What we can do to safe Balinese?

I am a Balinese but almost whole of my live is in out of Bali, after graduate from medical school in Jakarta I decided to work in Bali. I was about three years ago, the first time I know about Bali, the beauty makes I can’t leave Bali, the culture and society its comfort me, and Bali is the place where I found my first girl for my live.
I found Bali that’s full by foreigners; it is not just from another country but also from another islands in Indonesia. World are known Bali is a safe place that you can go around safely, but we also hear about a tourist losing their wallet in daylight because of motorcycle thieves, Japanese tourist being killed and rape on the street, villa robbery, etc. Now is very rare, tourist still safe going anywhere by them self safely, but if this community problem more often happen will be damage Bali tourism.
Foreigners are not also having their vacation in Bali. Most of businesses in Bali are running by foreigner. Very rare Balinese have there own business, they only being employees or worker. Balinese competitive levels are very low compare by foreigner, although there are also great successes Balinese. Many reason of it such as, community tough that do not need to take high degree, if you a male have a lot of land that’s enough just stay home, Balinese have a lot ceremony so will have lots of off days and many more. Balinese will be marginalize like Betawi people in Jakarta that being drive away from their land. Many Balinese are losing their land for build villa. In long run Balinese community will be destroyed and leaving to another island in Indonesia.
Sallow thought most of Balinese very damaged Balinese competitive level. Society said it is like a turtle. A turtle will pull down its friend above when climbing a rock, and pushing downs its friend below. So who will be on top? Jealousy is Balinese bad character.
There is many Balinese if they have their success, they will be arrogant and tread their worker. It is very bad, human resource is the most of company they have to realize it. This condition makes a bad competitive level of Balinese company compare from Foreigner Company.
Balinese must changes this character for increase their competitive level, they have to be a great educated, and have a wide knowledge. We must change Bali, we cannot blame foreigner for what happen now.
I am a doctor, I meet many people and as society “Guru” I always share this though to the society to safe Bali.
Dr. Agung

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bali Beach is the romatic choice

Bali is so romantic, It is good place for honey moon. Walking together in legian street, finding nice jewelry for your love in Celuk, staying in private villa in Ubud with nice atmosphere, relax in good quiet atmosphere beach in Padang-padang beach, get romantic dinner in side beach cafe Jimbaran. cruising dinner in Benoa, get fun together to have water sport in Tanjung Benoa, riding elephant in Safari at Ubud, and at last riding horse at beach side in Yeh Gangga-Tabanan with the nice atmosphere of sunset. Kiss your partner here. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Visiting Ubud, Bali

Bali is a great World tropical destination with the unique culture of Hinduism. This Indonesian island has many cultures and great nature - and the one famous city of Bali is Ubud. Ubud is located in the middle of Bali at Gianyar Regency, so you cannot find a beach here. It is famous by the beautiful look of rice field terraces. This city population is about 8000 people.  This city is the important place of medicinal herbs and plants. That’s why the name of this city is taking from word “Ubad” that’s mean medicine. In 8th centuries legend told that Javanese priest, Rsi Markendya, who meditated at the confluence of two rivers at Ubud locality of Campuan, found the Gunung Lebah Temple on the valley floor, the site of which remains a pilgrim destination.  
Ubud is the center of Balinese culture such as dances, sculpture, painting, etc. That’s why there are many museum in Ubud, including the Museum Puri Lukisan and the Agung Rai Museum Art. You will find many art shops at Ubud.
The main street is Jalan Raya Ubud runs east west through the center of town, there many top world class villas and restaurant beside the street. 
Puri Saren Agung is a large palace located at intersection of Monkey Forest and Raya Ubud roads. It is the home of Tjokorda Gede Agung Sukawati (1910-1978) the last King of Ubud. It is also theUbud first Hotel from 1930s. Visitors can usually see the dance performance there at 7.30 PM daily.
Ubud tourism is focuses on culture, yoga, and nature. Contrast from another part of Bali, Ubud has forest, rivers, cooler temperature, and more quiet. Many boutiques style Hotel in Ubud offer a Spa treatment and mountain trekking. Spa treatment in Ubud is Highly recommended with it’s high class service.
Ubud was voted as the best city in Asia for 2009 on Conde Nast Traveller Magazine Readers’ Choice. 25,000 readers were surveyed with avaluation criteria Atmosphere?ambience, Culture/Site, Friendliness, Lodging, Restaurants, and Shoping. Balinese felt very thankful when they heard about the good news. The Julia Robert filming in Ubud (Eat, Pray, Love) making increasingly popularity of Ubud in the world. Many foreigner called this place as their second home. I think it is good to say Ubud is the best destination in Asia.
So welcome to Ubud - Bali  
Original article: Travel Guide: Visiting Ubud, Bali - written by agus putu agung on Factoidz

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Saka New Year is Just in a view days

Please Don't leave Bali in Nyepi, It is time for a great excitement of Bali. The Ogoh-ogoh performance at the night of Daka New Year. It is a figure of Giant Randa as a bad characters that will be eliminate as the winning of "Darma", tha goodness and justice. Prepare your camera for get  great picture of Ogoh-ogoh.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Bali is an island of God because we will find many temples in Bali, that's why also called as island of thousand temples. Difference place, difference culture, that's what happen in Bali because Balinese is formed by many sub ethnic. But mostly Bali have similarity in Hinduism culture, although, there is still a difference in making ritual ceremony in different places or districts.

The old ethnic of Bali is Baliaga, they are the first ethnic in Bali, before the Hindu Majapahit society came to Bali island from Java island as refugees when the war of Islamic kingdom expanding era. They have a unique culture of dance war and fighting, they called Makare-kare.  

Makare-kare is a originally Balinese Culture of Baliaga ethnic at Tenganan Village, Karangasem district. It is are the one of Bali attractive cultures. The attractive culture is war culture from Tenganan Village at Karangasemdistrict that given name Makare-kare. This sacred ritual culture held once a year at fifth month of Balinese calendar (around June or July). This ceremony called "Ngusamba". This war ritual to test the bravely and endurance of men of this village.

The fight uses a Panda-nus leaf plant. Nobody is harmed in this fight as it is just for fun, laughing, and brotherhood. Yes they bleed because of the panda-nus leaf scratch their body, but it is just superficial. They also have their own medication, an ancient medicine in yellow color given name "Boreh". This war ritual is from Hindupre-history of Bali.

So only the ancient ethnic Balinese: "Baliaga" have this ritual ceremony. Begin with two sacred dances: Abwang dance and Rejang dance. when the men starting to fight the women go to the village temple for praying. In this ceremony they using their sacred textiles "Geringsing". This ceremony starting from tenth in the morning to ninth at the evening and closing by Rejang dance at the village temple.

Original article: About Makare-kare: Balinese Fight Dance For Brotherhood - written by agus putu agung on Factoidz

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Balinese Barong Pic

Some My Photography collection of Barong Bali
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Cheapest Food in Bali That Have You to Experience

Now I want introduce the famous, delicious and cheapest food in Bali. We called it “Nasi Jinggo”, it is similar with “Nasi Kucing” from Yogyakarta and “Nasi Jamblang” from Cirebon. It is a small package of rice mixed with several simple side dished commonly referred as the traditional fast food. Nasi Jinggo usually presented in hot and spicy. The price is around $0,1 to $0,5. You just take it and eat it within your traveling, that why it called as fast food. read more

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Village with a Pure Balinese Unique Culture

If do you want to find the unique of Bali with far away from modernization influence, pure original Balinese culture, pure Balinese architecture, visit the Penglipuran village. It is a genuine Balinese village. Located in Kubu village in Bangli district nearby the street connected to Kintamani. Very unique culture characteristic they have, traditional countryside with a cool atmosphere because 700 meters above the sea level and surrounding by 75 hectare bamboo forest. Penglipuran village is well known for its tidy row of traditional Balinese entrance gates and its unique architectural traditions. The words Penglipuran’ was drive from the words “Pengeling Pura” means a holy place for remembering their ancestors. It is reasonable since their ancestors came from Bayung Gedevillage, still In Kintamani district. Since from Bayung Gede to Penglipuran is quite along distance there fore the people of Penglipuran, established the same temple as the temple In BayungGede. Another opinion stated that Penglipuran is derived from the word “Penglipuran” means relaxation since on the royal period this place was a good spot for resting. Read more

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tajen Most Favorite Attraction in Bali

Gambling is illegal in Indonesia. But in many place usually in some Balinese ceremonial we can see a cockfight attraction. Cockfight attraction is a part or Balinese culture. Balinese are playing this game since prehistorically. This cockfight is given name “Tajen”. Because it cannot separate from Balinese religious ceremonial it cannot remove completely from tradition. Read more

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bali Flower Garden

My Photography from my beautiful garden, hope you enjoy it.

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