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Sunday, January 31, 2010

For Paying Social Network, I Suggest Klikot

For Paying Social Network, I Suggest Klikot

Mekepung Pure Excitement in West Bali

Negara, Jembrana district is not a particularly touristy region. However, you need to be there nice and early on Sunday morning, reday for action of buffalo races. "Mekepung" is the name given to these incredible buffalo races. They are take place every Sunday morning and are popular gatherings for the locals. Races start around 7 o'clock and continue until mid-day. It's crowded, noisy, and everyone from the province Jembrana totally absorbed by the races, often betting money. Go to the public races, held about 5 km of North West of Negara town.      

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bars in Bali - Jimbaran : Klapa

KLAPA aims to be largest and most comprehensive leisure spot in Bali. Built on a spacious, luxurious yet pristine New Kute Beach of Bali, it will soon open its doors to welcome a large variety of nightlife, sportive, cultural and shopping entertainment.

Klapa is an ultra-stylish dining and drinking complex in Bali. It is perched high on the cliffs overlooking the azure Indian Ocean. The menu is inventive and modern, boasting South Asian fusion cuisine and has a large vibrant cocktail bar with a dizzying array of tropical long drinks to choose.

Listed in : Caf├ęs, Fast Foods, Rave Zone, Billiards, Lounges, Restaurants, Bars, Clubs
Address : New Kute Beach Bali, Pecatu
Bali › Jimbaran
Website :

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Plawo / Plawe

Plawe or Balinese from Tabanan said Plawo some people said that this word comes from word Flower in English, Is that True? I just say they are beauty from God Blessing. These all pictures took from my garden.

Janger Dance Pic

Jager dance is a kind of social dance, especially for the young couple, who is very popular in Bali is conducted by approximately 10 pairs of young people. During the last dance of the female dancers (Janger) and groups of male dancers (Kecak) dancing and singing bersahut-replication. In general the songs are good in accordance with the nature of their lives. Gamelan music used to accompany dance called Janger Batel (Tetamburan) equipped with a pair of gender wayang. Emergence Janger in Bali expected to twentieth century, the development of dance sanghyang. If kecak the development of the male chorus, while the development of jangernya a female choir.

Travelers Diarrhea

Almost 80% of tourist that came to my hotel clinic got diarrhea or symptom of stomach cram. Usually person with lowering condition of body fit. Rumor said it's because of the different climate, different food, etc. Yes maybe because Balinese food are spicy. But for sure there are infection from microbiology, bacteria, virus, protozoa, etc. But Please don't blame your Hotel management or restaurant, you can have this when you touch infectious substance or stuff or something,and your hand goes to your mouth. So keep your hand Hygiene. Wash not only water, but with antiseptic soap. Buy those antiseptic, many in the stores here in Bali, use like Antis, or many again hands antiseptic you can carry everywhere at your pocket. Yeah the native are stronger then you from any infection, because they dealing with it every day, and you traveling anywhere in Bali, so your fitness lowering.
If you got Diarrhea, please don't use Loperamide, such as Imodium, etc, it will be stop the diarrhea but you got fullness in stomach and stomach cram. Find doctors, many doctors and clinic here, suggestion go to clinic nearest you, good if there is clinic in your hotel.

Travellers' diarrhea is the most common illness experienced by travellers from industrialized countries journeying to Third World countries. While it is usually a self-limiting illness, it can nevertheless ruin three to four days of a holiday or require alteration of holiday plans. The primary cause of travellers' diarrhea is infectious. The etiology is both geographically and seasonally dependent, but the principle agents include enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Shigella and Salmonella species, Campylobacter jejuni, non-cholera Vibrio species, Plesiomonas shigelloides, Aeromonas species, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Cryptosporidium parvum, rotavirus, and Norwalk virus. Travellers' diarrhea is strikingly common, with an incidence estimated from 20% to over 80%.

It is common for travellers to have profound changes in their bowel habits due to many factors, not least among them dietary changes. We do not consider loose movements to be diarrhea, but rather limit the definition to:
Travellers' diarrhea
The occurrence of three or more unformed stools within a 24 hour period or any number of such unformed stools when accompanied by either nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, tenesmus (involuntary straining with little or no passage of fecal matter), or fever.

We recommend avoiding the following foods that are generally considered high-risk:

  • - Drinking untreated water (this includes brushing your teeth with it!)
    - Ice cubes in a drink (alcohol does NOT provide protection)
    - Chang (rice beer, usually made with untreated water)
    - Raw vegetables
    - Salad
  • - Uncooked fish
  • - Uncooked or rare-cooked meat
  • - Unpeeled fruit
  • - Fresh fruit juice
    - Cheese
    - Ice cream
    - Any kind of street vendor food

The more important of Diarrhea is rehidration, if you keep your body rehidration you don't need to go to Hospital. Buy rehidration powder at Pharmacy we call it "oralit", takes enough for it you can borrowed every where.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Becareful to use ATM

About this few days we heard a bad news about a mysterious loss money from bank accounts. Bali is the place of many people all over the world come to get vacation, business, and many reasons, so you can not only believe with Balinese kindness, because you will see many outsider then Balinese. The police have sent a team from economy department to Bali to investigate on the case. If you want to use ATM, please check first around you, there's any suspicious person or suspicious stuff. Check the ATM machine, there is anything suspicious, actually must check the place to insert the card, try to pull it, if it can be pulled, don't use it, find another ATM. When you typing the pin code, please cover with your hand to avoid being record by spy camera.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Spot at Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach still have some quite spot. The place took at in front of second Circle K Store on Kuta main road.  

Jemeluk Bay

Jemeluk is precisely situated at Purwakerti village, Abang ditrict. It is about 100 km from Denpasar and 21 km from Amlapura. Around the area, we will be able to find small restaurants, hotels, and food stalls. For visitors who wish to closely enjoy the sea panorama, a stopover is available.
Jemeluk becomes interesting to visit for its amazing luxurious underwater scenery. Its shallow save and clear water give comfort for visitors who loves diving activity very much, to see tropical fish and other marine lives exist here. The coral reeves found in this area becomes another attraction of Jemeluk that draws visitors from all over the world.

Besides the underwater panorama, we can also enjoy beautiful view of the surrounding area, which shows the fascinating scenery of hilly land with its steep valleys that combined with the vast sea. The traditional process in making salt performed by the local people, should not also be passed when we visit this area.

Beautiful Life at Amed, Bali

Amed is located in East of Bali, just 30min North East from Amlapura. The beach is covered by black sand and rocks. Not attractive but it is famous new diving spot for the huge drop of wall. The tourist area is not in the village of Amed. The road runs along the coast from Amed to the S. and most of the hotels and diving centers on the road 2km from Amed Village called Jemeluk Beach. There is nothing but the foreign tourist facilities which makes this place very expensive for food and accommodation.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Balinese Topeng Dance

Inside the curtain booth, the topeng actor places his masks, all neatly covered with white cloth, in their proper order of appearance. After dedicating an offering, he unwraps the first mask, eyeing it for some time as if he were taking into his personality all that is individual about the character reflected in the immobile face. He quickly puts it on and turns. Already his movements are rendered as dance and a transformation is apparent.

The curtain trembles, the gamelan buds to a fervent pace of expectation, and dancing feet visible behind the curtain slowly lift and settle to the ground. A stoic-looking man with wide eyes and a questionable smile draws apart the curtain. In swift motions of defiance, he hovers inside the booth, uncertain whether to come out or not. He then begins to march forward, gazing inquisitively, putting a finger to his forehead, taking a bit of his clothing, and, in one delicate gesture, letting it drop from his hand. He resolves to dance, radiating the sound of' the gamelan in the vibration of his fingertips and pattering feet. After a few moments, he retreats to the curtain and vanishes.

The curtain shakes again. Suddenly, it is pushed aside in the grand gesture of a buxom movie star stepping into the limelight. There before you stands an extremely shy, effeminate young man who draws a limp hand to his mouth and

blushes at his abrupt exposure. Languidly he clings to the curtain. Terribly sweet at heart, he cannot bear everyone laughing at him, which of course everyone is. Feeling he should come out for a moment, he coyly moves on stage, swinging to and fro with his hands dangling in the posture of loose noodles. Helplessly, he just stands there looking ridiculous, unable to move except to flutter his eye lashes, while the audience rocks in laughter. Such abusiveness is too much for him. He quickly seeks sanctuary behind the curtain. Thus was the introductory display of masks for one performance of Topeng. Both the stoic and the clown were enacted by one man-the principal Topeng actor, who by changing his mask impersonates a series of different characters.

Topeng means something pressed against the face-a mask. Topeng masks survive from the 1 6th century. Today's mask play, commemorating historical exploits of local kings and heroes, was influenced by the traditional Gambuh dance. Often called the "chronicle play", Topeng stories are drawn from the babad literature, genealogical histories of important noble families, set in the villages, kingdoms and temples of Bali.

The medium of a mask play necessarily alters the telling of history. The borderline between fact, legend, and the miraculous has little importance in Topeng, in which many episodes include divine intervention or acts of magic.

The intent is not to reconstruct exact personalities of the past, but to portray their types: sweet or manly, heroic or simple-minded. The noble characters, usually a king and his family, dance in the refined style. Their stature is so lofty, they do not design to speak and express themselves only in pantomime. They are accompanied by two clumsy clowns, who wear half-masks which leave their mouths free to talk as interpreters for their dignified masters. Along with the nobility and clowns is always a marvelous display of crude caricatures, whose sole function is decorative and entertaining.

There are many forms of Topeng, depending upon the set of masks used and the style of the performers. A popular solo performance is the classical Topeng Tua, representing the movements of an old man. In a normal Topeng play, three or four actors, usually all men, impersonate the characters. A full set of Topeng masks, numbering from thirty to forty, belongs to the principal Topeng actor who is responsible for the series of eccentric personalities that produce the comedy of the play. To watch a good Topeng actor is truly inspirational. Through an endless resource of bizarre mannerisms and tones of speech, he manages to concentrate the whole of human folly into one serial panorama of grotesquely masked comics.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jungut Batu Village

Nusa Lembongan is located about 11 km southeast mainland Bali, measuring only four km and ringed with mangrove swamps, palms and white sandy beaches. The island is small enough to explore on foot, offering pristine beaches and coves, majestic view of Gunung Agung, unique Balinese architecture and friendliness of a simple country folk. Nusa Lembongan is consist of two administrative villages: Jungut Batu and Lembongan village, both villages are heavily involved in the cultivation of seaweed. Jungut Batu village offers the island's best accommodations and water sport activities.


The island's only tourist-oriented beach inns, homestay and restaurants are concentrated in this small seaside village with stretches for 1.5 km along the northwest coast. Jungut Batu is Bali at its best. There's not much to do except surf, dive, snorkel, fishing, read, eat, drink, hang out and relaxing. 

Surf Spot
3 of the best surf breaks in the world are off Jungut Batu beach: Playgrounds, Lacerations and Shipwrecks.

Playgrounds is a left-hander, it's a good fun wave that can get pretty scary at low tide, as the reef is sharp and the water shallow.
Lacerations is A tube right-hander with name that speaks for itself. The tunnels waves are so big you can drive a bus through them. One of the best right-hander in the world, it's perfectly round with a perfectly calm cannel in the middle.
Shipwrecks is a perfect right-hander breaking over a coral reef grown over an old shipwreck.

Only 30 minutes by speed boat from Bali

Friday, January 15, 2010

Please Donate Poor Peoples For Free Medicine

Hello, I am dr. Agung a General Practitioner and Acupunctur Expert, Iam working at Public Safety Center.

Every Sunday I am giving a free medical treatment for poor peoples, not just giving a medicine, I also doing minor surgery. The Place is at House at Bongan village in Tabanan-Bali.

I need to improve of my clinic and hire a nurse, and I have a planning to built a disaster post here. I will training peoples there with my disaster management knowledges.

Please Help me with joining this social network (click at the picture):

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You will get information from me there. Thanks God Bless You.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Makare Kare / Perang Pandan

Makare-kare or war by using thorny pandanus leaves is not just belong to Tenganan Pagringsingan village; its sister village, Tenganan Dauh Tukad which located o the west side of crystal clear water on the south east side of Tenganan Pagringsingan also has its own version thorny pandanus war.

Geringsing Textiles Made From Human Blood

From a tiny village of Tenganan comes the rare geringsing cloth that put this little village among the best in textile technology. The geringsing cloth with its double ikat technique – a method in which resist patterns are applied to both the wrap and the welt before weaving, so that the final pattern appears only on completion – is the most spectacular ever produced by the textile art in Southeast Asia.

When someone encountered the geringsing for the first time, he is immediately captivated by the mute color of geringsing. Geringsing combines red and reddish brown tones, eggshell and dark blue or violet. These mute colors are obtained from natural pigment of outer layers of sunti root (morinda citrifolia) and indigo. The geringsing threads are dyed and cross-dyed several times with the natural pigments to achieve the wanted color and pattern. Since the geringsing is woven in loose tabby from cotton yarns, it produces certain uniformity in appearance.

All kind of geringsings share a basic pattern in which the cloth is divided into two corresponding ‘head’ portion at either end, serves as a frame for a large central panel that is in turn subdivided by arrange the motifs in various ways. Various motifs are used to fill the large central section. For example groups of geometric and abstract floral motifs may be repeated over the whole of central panel, horizontally, vertically or along the diagonal. Some kinds of geringsing have a quite different form of central section for example, the geringsing wayang type has large four-pointed stars with a crenellated motif surrounded by four scorpions devide the main field into semicircular segments. These segments contain stars, emblems, architectural elements, animals and Balinese wayang kulit (shadow puppet) figure.

For the residents of Tenganan village geringsing is not just an ordinary cloth, it is a sacred fabric which full of magical power to protect the wearer. The word ‘geringsing’ is derived from the word ‘gering’ means ‘pestilence’ or ‘plague’ and the word ‘sing’ means ‘no’, it means geringsing possess the magical power to ward off harm wrought by natural or supernatural enemies, and confer invulnerability on the bearer one.

Geringsing not just use for protection but also as a mark of the community membership, it is an incontestable evidence that the wearer belong to the village of Tenganan. Geringsing has become a kind of proprietary mark of Tenganan, a cloth that serves as a social insignia with which Tenganan residence adorn themselves whenever they received guest from neighboring village or when they go outside the village to visit a friend or pay homage to certain temples.

Some materials for this writing are taken from the book “Balinese Textiles”.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Trunyan/Bali Aga Village

On the East shore of Lake Batur, underneath the caldera rim, is Trunya village. Trunya is associated with aerial/weathering the unique funeral practice of the Bali Aga inhabitants here. Though Hindi, they don't follow typical Hindu custom of cremation. If the deceased is not married his body is buried in the ground. If married then aerial/weathering burial is performed where the body is simply left in a bamboo cage on the ground until it has decomposed. Then later the skeletal, bone remains are added to the ossuary on a step-shaped altar.
The funeral site is not within the village of Trunyan, but outside of the village, about 500m N,
only accessible by boat. You can only get to Trunyan by boat, one pleasant option is to cycle around the lake then hire a boat to take you across. You may need to bargain hard to get a good price. A tourist boat leaves from Kedisan on the south shore of the lake. This boat is comfortable though the fare is expensive,25,000Rp. Fares are posted on a board next to the ticket booth.I was told it includes a donation.
It's also possible to take a boat to Trunyan from Toya Bunka, a village famous for its hot spring.

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